We are excited to launch VoiceCrafts! It has been a vision for us for many years now and it is finally getting there!

But what is it and who can benefit from it? 
VoiceCrafts is a platform that interconnects synthetic voice designers and Text-to-Speech users, under the umbrella of our award-winning TTS technology. People who subscribe at this platform can be either a voice designer, or a TTS voice consumer.

A voice designer can design a TTS voice model according to his preferences, tastes or specific needs.
A voice consumer can convert any text into synthetic speech based on the voice models that are available on the platform.

Both users can benefit tremendously: the voice designers will earn profits every time their voice model produces revenues, and the voice consumers will enjoy the largest portfolio of synthetic voices in the world!

An illustration of what VoiceCrafts is.

Although still in beta stage, we are receiving new subscriptions every day from people who want to develop their own synthetic voice and make their own contribution to this vision. We know there are some important bricks missing from the platform for the time being, but soon enough we shall put them in place and voice design process will be a trivial task for anyone.
We will be updating you about new features and things under the hood that will allow to turn VoiceCrafts into the largest voice market place in the world!
Even we at innoetics are currently designing our voices’ models to be uploaded at the platform!