One of the main assets for a Text-to-Speech company is a large portfolio of American-accented synthetic voices. That’s why we just released three new American voices that sound perfect!
They have been designed for neutral type of speech, such as news reading, screen-readers and general purpose texts. Every synthetic voice we develop has a distinct character, and this is also the case with our new American-English voices.

John has a remarkable, deep and versatile voice, with a flavor of celebrity and radio production. He is the voice behind many game titles and he makes any text sound fantastic!

Martha is one of the most soothing voices in the world! With her soft, heart-warming voice, she is the perfect voice for digital assistants, telecom centers and news reading. She has been used in several airport announcement systems around the world!

Tamar is a young female voice that makes any book sound perfect for the younger users. Her voice has a unique character and accent, less pretentious and more like the girl next-door.

You can listen to their voice samples at innoetics’s official website with your own text, or take a look at the video below and listen to short sample. The text editor is innoetics TTS Editor, offered together with SAPI 5 voices for Windows computer users, and the voices in the video are Martha, John and Tamar, in the order they appear in the video. The text is taken from Wikipedia’s article on the American English language.

These new voices are available in Enterprise solutions such TTS Server and SDK, and in end-user stand-alone software such as SAPI5 voices, ready to buy and download from our e-shop section.