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Text-to-Speech for Businesses

The most advanced Text-to-Speech solutions for your Business!

Today, 07/07/2017 we’re announcing that after 10+ years of helping our customers utilize best-in-class synthetic voices, we will be discontinuing INNOETICS’ current services. We are very thankful for the customers that we have had over these years and we are very excited about the opportunities ahead!

Products and Services

Integrate state-of-the-art Text-to-Speech to provide a direct and efficient user-information interaction.

TTS Cloud

Use our Text-to-Speech engine through a simple web API.

Custom TTS Voice

Do you need a corporate-specific voice? Let us build a branded voice for you.


Add Text-to-Speech into your application with our native SDKs.

TTS Studio

Standalone software for offline voice-over production.

TTS Server

Install and run our Text-to-Speech web service on your premises.


Create audio files from your browser.

TTS Telecom

Give a lifelike voice to your IVRs at the most competitive prices.


Add speech to your websites with our text to voice technology.

TTS Cloud

A powerful Text-to-Speech web API!

TTS Cloud is the ideal solution for:

  • Mobile apps
  • Online software
  • Websites
  • Advertising
  • Speech to Speech translation
  • Dictionaries
  • Simple & powerful API
  • No need to download or install anything
  • Large portfolio of voices and supported languages
  • Always up-to-date TTS technology and voices
  • Affordable and even free for selected voices
  • Automatic transliteration (for selected languages)

When you register at TTS Cloud you get:

  • Credentials for the API
  • Programmer’s Manual and examples for the API
  • Free complimentary credit for piloting and getting started
  • For registering to the TTS Cloud service or more information please contact us!


TTS Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of our top-ranked Text-to-Speech technology.

Select from a large portfolio of voices and stay current with all updates on every voice.


High-performance Text-to-Speech SDKs!

TTS SDK is the ideal solution for:

  • Android mobile apps with native TTS
  • Windows applications or services
  • Linux applications or services
  • Cross platform (Windows, Linux, Android)
  • Custom API for all supported platforms
  • Win32 Speech API (SAPI)
  • Android Speech SDK
  • Large portfolio of voices and supported languages
  • Simple and flexible licensing scheme

The pricing for TTS SDK is flexible and can be:

  • Based on the volume of the licenses
  • Based on time limits and independent of the volume
  • Based on revenue share scheme
  • Simply describe your project and ask us for a quote!
  • Please request a free developer license for pilot applications!

TTS SDKs is a set of tools and libraries for integrating Text-to-Speech into your applications. It currently supports Windows, Linux and Android, as well as different memory footprints depending on your application’s needs.

TTS Server

Host our Text-to-Speech web service on your premises!

TTS Server is the ideal solution for:

  • Creating a hosted dedicated TTS web service
  • Creating large volume of voice files offline or online
  • SIP/VOIP based telecom solutions
  • Powerful APIs  and tools for Windows and Linux
  • Large portfolio of voices and supported languages
  • Simple and flexible licensing scheme
  • Affordable

The pricing for TTS Server is flexible and can be:

  • on a time basis (license per year)
  • on a once-off basis
  • per voice
  • Simply describe your project and ask us for a quote!
  • Please request a free developer license for pilot applications!

TTS Server currently supports any Windows or Linux platform and delivers a set of tools for voice file creation such as command line tools, DLL, SAPI5, proprietary APIs and Web Service.

TTS Studio

Create audio prompts with a stand-alone software!

TTS Studio is the ideal solution for manually producing audio files for:

  • Audiobooks and Daisy books
  • Telecom voice prompts
  • Static audio content
  • In-app voice prompts>
  • Windows-based SAPI5 compatible application
  • Large portfolio of voices and supported languages
  • Compatible with any SAPI5 text editor
  • Affordable

The pricing for TTS Studio is per year and per voice:

  • Purchase: 295€ per year per voice
  • Renewal: 195€ per year per voice

Visit our online shop and select from our large portfolio of voices!

TTS Studio software is a stand-alone software application for Windows for manually converting any text into speech. Its software license differs form the TTS Reader license in that it allows you to produce audio files and distribute them as you wish, even commercially. You can only produce audio files manually. If you need a programming interface, you have to purchase a TTS Server software license.

We strongly suggest a free but very useful SAPI5-compatible text editor called Balabolka.


A voice talent at your service, anytime and anywhere!

SpeakVolumes Service is ideal for:

  • Telecom services and applications
  • Voice prompts and messages
  • Viral and promotional services
  • Websites and blogs
  • Advertising
  • Presentations
  • Educational software
  • User manuals
  • Audiobooks
  • Top speech quality
  • Up-to-date TTS Engine and voices
  • No need to install anything locally
  • Use the same speaker anytime you need him/her
  • Personal custom lexica
  • High uptime
  • Affordable and scalable cost according to your specific needs

Depending on the package pricing varies:

  • From 0.082€ till 0,0125€ per word for commercial use
  • From 0.0082€ till 0,00125€ per word for non-commercial use

Register for free at SpeakVolmes website (http://www.speakvolumes.eu).

SpeakVolumes is ideal for converting texts into speech without having to install anything on your computer! The service incorporates the most advanced and up to date TTS Engine and the latest synthetic voices.

For every text you convert, you get an mp3 file, a hotlink and an AudioQR code which you can embed into your prints and voice-enhance them immediately.

TTS Telecom

Add advanced TTS functionalities to your IVR/PBX platform.

Innoetics’s Telecom TTS is for IVR and Telecom applications only.

  • Top speech quality
  • High-performance
  • SAPI5, MRCPv1 and MRCPv2, or custom interfacing
  • Custom dictionaries
  • Affordable and scalable cost according to your needs

Innoetics’s Telecom software is licensed on a per channel basis, at competitive prices with high discounts in large volume orders.

Contact us for a quote or a free SDK for pilot applications!

TTS Telecom is designed for high performance with any MRCP-compatible IVR platform. Complementary APIs and interfaces such as SAPI5, DLL, and Web Service API are also available for custom-integrated solutions.

Custom TTS Voice

Give a branded synthetic voice to your Business.

Innoetics’s custom voice is perfect for:

  • Voice announcement systems
  • Advertising
  • Telecom
  • IVR/Banking/TIcketing services
  • Gaming sector
  • Audio publishing
  • Top speech quality
  • Customized pronunciation and accent
  • Vivid TTS character
  • Branded voice for enhanced corporate image
  • Enhanced naturalness and expressivity

Pricing for this service depends on the project’s size and requirements.
Contact us for a quote, but don’t forget to describe your project first!
Comparison Table for products

We offer our advanced Text-to-Speech technology with a voice of your preference.

Choose the voice-talent of your preference and we can build a natural-sounding synthetic voice for you.

The voice building process takes about 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the specifics of the language and application-specific requirements.


With SpellCast service you can add speech synthesis functionality in your websites and enhance their accessibility levels!

Innoetics’s SpellCast service is ideal for:

  • Adding speech to your website
  • Enhance website accessibility
  • Allow visitors to listen to your content
  • Add an alternative audio version of your content in your website
  • Easy to integrate
  • No change of your website is required
  • High performance
  • High availability
  • Available as a service or a software

Ask us for a quote! We would be happy to give you the best price in the market!

With innoetics’s SpellCast technology any website can be read aloud with our award-winning TTS technology. Make your content more accessible with the power of speech synthesis and allow your visitors to listen to your content through their web browser.

You don’t need to change anything on your website, just add a simple javascript and the let the rest of the work to be done by our awesome technology!


Choose the one that suits your needs

TTS StudioTTS SDKTTS TelecomTTS ServerSpeak VolumesSpellCastGreeklish ServerCustom Voice

I want to create Audiobooks and sell them.

I have an IVR platform and I need automatic voice responses.

We want to monitor loads of websites but a lot the content is in Greeklish. How can I convert them in Greek.

I want to sell/integrate OEM version of a SAPI5 TTS engine and voice.

I want to integrate TTS with my IVR but I want it to sound like a specific person.

I want to add voice to our enterprise's website.